Monday, July 2, 2012

A Reclaimed Wood Lemonade Stand

lemonade stand

Over the past few weeks, when I've had a little free time, I've been working on a lemonade stand for my daughter and her friends. It was also to be used in a baby shower my wife was hosting this past Saturday for one of her best friends that is currently very pregnant. Not wanting to ruin part of the party surprise, I haven't posted much about it.

Anyway, things being slow on the outdoor and water fronts, here's a few photos of the stand. It's made from a handful of 2x4s that came out of the office above mine. I yanked them from the dumpster, pulled three cans of nails from them and then went about designing it in my head. The top is made from kayak project scrap ply and the sign from some barn wood a coworker had on their burn pile.

The pile of boards I started with. Reclaimed from the dumpster.

I pulled three full cans of nails from the six 2x4s.

Lemonade stand

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