Monday, January 16, 2012

"Instant" Grapefruit Wine (Continued)

3-1 ltr bottles of unfiltered homebrew grapefruit wine

I bottled the new batch over the weekend. It's supposed to be drinkable by next weekend. We'll see if it's enjoyable to do so, though. I have no idea on the alcohol content, since I made the newb mistake of not taking an initial hydrometer reading. Again, bottled in plastic, as to avoid potential bottle bombs until I get this sh!t down.


Shawn said...

following your new hobby with great interest- nice job! I like sour stuff, but wonder how much of the grapefruit will influence the final flavor.

Trevor said...

i tried a little bit when i bottled it. it tasted really young and yeasty, but had potential. i'm hoping that will have mellowed by week's end. if not, i'll open the other couple of bottles in later progressions to see how they turned out and record my results for future batches.