Monday, November 21, 2011

Chuckanut 12 kayak progress

Just a few pics to illustrate where we are on our kayak builds. Brian came over Saturday morning and we hit up a lumberyard, then made some sawdust in my driveway. Cutting out our gunwales and the three planks I plan to laminate my outrigger's boom from. We'll be cutting out the rest of the stringer wood sometime soon.

The frames are cut.

cutting the actual kayak frames and stems

all the frames are cut

The gunwales are being pre-bent on my back porch, as of last night and this morning. I poured three good-size pots of boiling water over them and it's been drizzling rain or mist since about midnight, on and off. I'll probably bring them in the garage to dry, at lunch today.

pre-bending the gunwales

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