Monday, June 27, 2011

Lateen Rig

I've decided to play with the sail rig of my Bolger Elegant Punt, again. I've rigged up a lateen sail. It's untested, as of yet, but I don't foresee it being any more difficult than the previous two configurations I've sailed with. Maybe the fact that it doesn't brail up might annoy me when I'd rather be rowing. But, a single line raises and strikes it in a pinch.

switching the little dinghy to a lateen rig

On the outrigger project, I'm planning to put together a solid constructed ama, now. And to glass the main hull sections with polyester resin. Every time I have the money available to buy epoxy for the job, I end up having to sink it into something else - plumbing, vet bills, etc. I already have the poly resin sitting in my garage. It may not last forever, but hopefully it'll last as long as my interest in small multi-hulls. If not, the Wa'apa isn't a difficult boat to build again.

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