Tuesday, August 2, 2016

trade: exchange something for something else, typically as a commercial transaction

Thanks Todd!

Following in the footsteps of a friend of mine who is a much more accomplished and prolific artist than myself, the illustrious Paige Davidson in Gainesville, TX, I have been doing a lot of art as a form of trade. It's been a fun exercise and rather than just receive money, which is fine, but completely boring and void of soul, I usually end up with an interesting artistic or technical item or donation to a cause that is much more personal in nature and everyone involved gets to feel good about the transaction.

terraPin Prime pinhole camera. Designed and built by Flickr friend Todd Schlemmer.

I recently received a very cool 3D printed pinhole camera by an internet friend out in the Pacific NW. It's of his own design and construction, called the terraPin Prime. It shoots 120 medium format film and I just so happen to have a few rolls left from back when I was running around SW Missouri with a Holga Chinese plastic camera, shooting moody imperfect square images long before the likes of Instagram or Hipstamatic ever surfaced. In trade, I have sketched Todd's gift camera and I'll be sending the illustration to him in the next couple of days. It's pen and ink with gel pen on grey-toned paper.

terraPin Prime pinhole camera in ink and gel pen on toned paper