Thursday, August 18, 2016


I had to dodge a horde of Pokemon Go players to sketch this one. There were hundreds wandering through all the good sketching areas of Nathanael Greene Park, luckily I found one little secluded area that didn't look like bees moving over a hive.

Pond sketch, Nathanael Greene Park.

Ramping up for a month of sketching people in figure, portrait and environment form, I plan to only draw or paint things with people present for September. It'll be a month of study like I did back in February when I only sketched in pencil for a whole month and only in a small Moleskine 3x5 sketchbook. Here are some sketches I did of old duded and salts, from photos I nicked off the internet.

Spent the last 1:45 sketching old dudes and salts. Working up to a month of figure and portrait sketching in September.

A quick line and wash sketch before grilling dinner last night. Hotdogs from Horrmann Meat Co., my favorite locally owned butcher shop.

Horrmann Hotdogs

The Virgin Mary, from a pic of a statue I took at a Catholic Church in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, earlier this year.

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