Monday, August 29, 2016


One: my buddy Brian D. from a kayak trip on Bull Shoals Lake a couple of years ago. I combined a couple pics for this one, as his boat was actually quite a ways behind him, down the creek draw. It made for a better sketch to have it partially in the frame. I'll be getting a frame for this one sometime this week and giving it to him.

A sketch of my buddy Brian, from a kayak trip on Bull Shoals Lake a couple years ago.

Two: these are a couple of architectural flourishes that I took a photo of at the City Museum in St. Louis last year. I believe they are of Asian origin and they were carved from a pretty red stone material.

A couple of fish architectural flourishes from the City Museum in St. Louis.


Anonymous said...

Trevor- love the depth in your sketches. Mine always look so darn flat. Got to keep working on them. I loved the video. Glad to see that you at least draw out those beauties in pencil first!


Trevor said...

Thanks Bruce! Yes, I started laying down more pencil sketches ahead of doing the "real drawing" about a year ago. I like the quickness of just sketching in pen, but my work is much better if I do a light pencil roughed-out version first.