Monday, April 25, 2016

Busy weekend.

I had a busy weekend. Started things off by babysitting a smoker overnight at Rock'n Ribs BBQ Competition. We had a booth there for a second year. It was fun, ate a lot of samples. Didn't sleep well, though. There's a lot going on through the night.

Rock'n Ribs BBQ Comp

Rock'n Ribs BBQ Comp

Saturday, breakfast with the family at The Aviary after I broke down my camp stuff at Rock'n Ribs. The girls went out to work the office BBQ booth and I stuck around the house working on a couple of commissioned art pieces.

Commissioned sketch of a friend's kid and a kite.

Initial sketch


Those out of the way, I grilled burgers and corn on the cob and then the wife and kiddo and I hit up a movie, seeing Kung Fu Panda 3. I love those films. Great artwork in them.

Sunday, breakfast of eggs in a basket, toads in a hole, bacon and potatoes O'Brian. Afterwards, the kiddo and I took my hammock to a park and hung out for a bit. I also sketched some maple seed helicopters.

Saturday hammock laziness

Maple seed helicopters.

Then the girls went to the nursing home and I went down to Lake Springfield Park to goof around.

First, I sketched the boathouse down by the lake.

Sketching the boathouse at Lake Springfield Park

Then I busted out my stunt kite that I had rubber banded my GoPro Hero to. This turned out to be an awesome idea!

Kite camera rig

I rubber banded my GoPro to my 6' stunt kite.

I rubber banded my GoPro to my 6' stunt kite.

And finally, I went home and knocked out a dinner of sauerkraut, kielbasa and new potatoes with scratch-made cornbread. A great way to finish out a busy weekend.

I forgot, I made this last night. Sauerkraut, kielbasa with new potatoes and cornbread. :)

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