Monday, January 18, 2016

The Week in Artwork

I've had a few spare moments here and there to draw this week. Some on location, but most from photos I've taken or picked up online, somewhere. Here's a rundown, starting with the ones I sketched yesterday.

My daughter at Red Oak II, ink and watercolor

My daughter at Red Oak II

Bear skull (an Asian variety at Bass Pro Shop), color pencil on color paper

Bear skull in color pencil on color paper.

Buck deer, color pencil on color paper

Last sketch for today.

Saturday, location sketching at Phenix Quarry, in between Ash Grove and Walnut Grove, Missouri, about 30 minutes NW of Springfield. With temps hovering a hair above freezing and the wind picking up, I only got one shaky sketch in before calling it.

Phenix Quarry

Phenix Quarry

Another Bass Pro sketch, this time a cape buffalo skull in standard No. 2 pencil.

Maybe a gnu or wildebeest skull, not sure

Messing with watercolor pencils some. I'd never worked with them before.

Watercolor pencil hat. Not sure if I like it or not. I think I'm going to abandon the pencils for straight watercolors again.

Playing with another new medium, watercolor pencil.

Not sure if I'll mess with the watercolor pencils too much more. I was able to get a decent result from them, but the colors felt off compared to my normal watercolor set. That may be because the pencils were cheap ones I've had sitting in a box for 20 years, untouched. I don't know. Maybe I'll pick up a nicer set and see what can be done with them.


Anonymous said...

I like the still life compositions. The real life stuff juxtaposed is where drawing feels magical. Keep posting. These give me inspiration.

Trevor said...

Thanks, Bruce!