Thursday, January 7, 2016

Painting with Coffee

Two things I like an awful lot are art and coffee. I've combined them in the past, but it's been a very long time. Using coffee as a medium is much like using watercolors, only you have one color and the end project comes out something like a pleasant smelling old sepia tone photo of a watercolor painting. Here is a sketch I did a couple of days ago of my daughter, illustrated from a photo I took of her in a coffee shop window when she was a little less than three years old.

My daughter at two and a half years old, looking out a coffee shop window. Painted in coffee wash.


callsign222 said...

Yeah! This is awesome! Does it last? How detailed can you get?

Trevor said...

As I understand it, it lasts about like a watercolor painting and you can get about the same level of detail in. I had heard that it might mold eventually, but I've read accounts from people that use coffee as a medium in places like the Philippines, where it is much warmer and humid, with no issues with their art growing anything over time.

It's fun to experiment with.