Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Small Forest Axe Restoration

I've been having a lot of fun bringing old tools back from disrepair, lately. A little over a week ago, when Brian and I were down at his friends' cabin in Cape Fair, we saw a small forest axe laying against the wall. It was a little worn, had no wedge, but had two long drywall screws barely holding the head on. Seeing that I just restored an older Norlund splitting axe a couple of weeks before going down there and I was down there to test out my handiwork, well, we couldn't just leave it like that.

Here's the restoration of the small axe. I made it match my large splitter. An ugly duckling is now a swan and Brian is taking it back down there this evening, to leave it where we found it. It's a small payment for letting us use the property a couple of times a year. They are very nice people.


Axes. Genuine Norlund splitting axe and a smaller generic camp or forest axe. I think that's what you'd call it.

2nd axe sheath is done. Time to put it back where we found it.

Also, I made a few drink coasters from one of the red oak logs we split up. I held back a handful of pieces from the burn pile to use as project materials.

Oak drink coasters. Cut from the tree we split last weekend.

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