Monday, December 23, 2013

Ritter Springs Park

Sunday, I had a few hours to get away and took it to Ritter Springs Park, just north of town off Highway 13. Temps were in the upper 20s and as soon as I got north of Highway 44, things were quite frosted over and lightly dusted with snow.

After the first ten minutes, I stuck primarily along the creek. With recent rain and snow, it was running deep and fast and couldn't easily be gotten across.

From the lake/millpond, I meandered uphill and towards a part of the park I'd not visited before. I ended up on a trail that paralleled a farm plot and adjacent home properties, which bottomed out at a dirt road.

Checking my iPhone for a map, I opted to walk the dirt road back. Thinking it more expedient. But after I made it to some pavement and more houses, it became more apparent I'd goofed in my assertion. Three large dogs came running across their yards at me, an akita, a St. Bernard and maybe a Belgian malinios. After I managed to cautiously ease my way past the angry barking canines that could have actually taken me down, I laughed at my situation and shook my head at the dipsh!ts that just let their dogs run free in the country. There was a small girl in her PJs standing in the glass front door as I passed her home, nearby. Had that been her in the yard, playing, those dogs might have created a funeral or skin grafts and a lawsuit.

On a different note, I did get yelled at by donkeys, which after the dog thing, scared the crap out of me and made me laugh in equal amounts. I was walking past them when they decided to tell the world I was there. Also, the park is thick with bluebirds and cardinals and I may have seen an eagle or very large hawk on the far side of one the fields I was wandering across. Next time I'm out by myself, I'll be going back for that hiking stick I left in the car. Regardless of remembering it five minutes into walking the trail or not.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

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