Friday, November 8, 2013

A Leather Sheath

I finished the axe sheath last night. It's a partial cover sheath in a coffee color heavy thickness leather, sewn with a tan waxed thread similar to the artificial sinew we lashed our kayaks with a couple of winters ago. I used my Leatherman multitool as an awl to punch holes in the leather, after I had marked them by eye with a pencil. If you're careful and not much of a perfectionist, you can get by without all of the fancy leather working tools. I only needed one needle. For the first thread I'd stretch the hole with the awl, then push it through on its own stiffness. The second required a needle and pulling it through with a second smaller Columbia multitool.

I finished the sewing by running the thread back through the last three holes and double stitching them. Then cut the thread off at the base. I then went out to the garage and punched a hole in the wrapping tab I had cut, using a punch for a tarp grommet kit I had in a drawer. After that, I lashed a length of leather shoelace that matched the stitches to the tab using a lanyard hitch and called it good.

The leather sheath is done

An important thing to do when attempting something like this. Make a card stock or cardboard template first. I made mine from a manila envelope. Then trace the final template onto the backside of the leather. Make sure you flip your template over to get the right side you want up on the axe. I goofed on this, but it turns out i hadn't done my planning correct to begin with and my screw up worked out better in the crate box case. Color it a happy accident.

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