Thursday, March 7, 2013

Canoe Paddle Update Update

oiled and ready to hit the water

The completed canoe paddle next to my Greenland style kayak paddle. I coated each in Danish oil last night. Debating whether to take the kayak or canoe to the lake this weekend. I wanna test out the new canoe paddle, but I'm really missing the kayak. Decisions...

Edit: I took the canoe to the lake. In spite of the heavy winds before a cold front moved in, the paddle worked really well. In the deep water I was canoing, it performed much better than the store bought one sitting beside it in this pic.

Tried out the new canoe paddle on Saturday.

I may thin the blade a little more and oil it again after. But that's the only mods I plan to make to it. It was a great paddle to practice some new techniques I picked up from Bill Mason's "Path of the Paddle" videos.

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