Monday, February 29, 2016

Moleskine Sketching for February - 07

Wrapping up a month of pencil sketching in a tiny 5.5"x3.5" Moleskine sketchbook. I managed to do quite a bit of drawing Saturday, before falling under the weather and being mostly couch and bed bound for the remainder of the weekend. Either heavy allergies or a mother of a cold hit me Saturday evening.

First up, I saw nine deer and eleven turkey Friday morning, before work. The deer were moving too quickly and there was nowhere to pullover to sketch them, but the turkey were just milling about in a field.

11 turkey down in Galloway, this morning, before work.

Friday night, I sketched my stainless teapot/pour-over coffee water pot. It goes with the Hario V60 coffee maker in an earlier post from this month.


Saturday morning, I tried sketching animals at the Springfield Conservation Nature Center. Most of these are combinations of several different animals at different times, since none of them stopped moving for very long. Competition is fierce at the feeders just outside the rear windows of the visitor center. I was hoping there'd be more turkey, they often just hang out behind the building, but it was probably too late in the morning.

Sketching moving critters at Springfield Conservation Nature Center.

After the Nature Center, I moved downtown to sketch church steeples. I planned for a series of three, but had to move from my spot sketching Stone Chapel on Drury campus when a transient couple got into a cussing match about 30-40 yards from me. I knew I'd somehow get included if I didn't move, so I bailed. It was getting pretty windy, anyway. Here is the First Baptist Church on South Avenue.

First Baptist Church on South Avenue.

National Avenue Christian Church

National Avenue Christian Church

After I was chased from the parking lot across the intersection from Stone Chapel, I ended up at the Springfield Art Museum. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a statue there that I wanted to sketch. It's of a burial figure horse from the Tang Dynasty, 700AD.

Sketch of the burial figure horse at Springfield Art Museum. Tang Dynasty, 700AD. And that's it. If anyone has followed along this far, thanks for looking at my artwork. Making myself carry a small sketchbook around for a month, using the simplest of mediums to sketch in has been a lot of fun. Being very ADD, it's been pretty difficult adhering to my self-imposed restrictions. Glad I did it, though. It's been a great exercise in getting scale and perspective in order. I only managed to fill half the book, though. So I might do this again in a few months to finish it out.

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