Thursday, December 17, 2015

Of Fish and Trees

These herring (at least I think they are), are the first things I've sketched in pencil in a very long time. I'm forcing myself to work outside of some comfort zones that I feel have had me rutted for quite a while.

I think they are herring. Working in pencil for a change of pace. Not sure I've done a pencil sketch in maybe ten years.

The second image here, are some birch trees that I've sketched/painted as a Christmas present for my mom. She lives in Michigan much of the year and her house is surrounded by paper birches.

Birch trees


Anonymous said...

Keep going with the sketches. The trees are a great example of using space.

Trevor said...

Thanks Bruce! Sketching is about all I've done lately. I am planning to build a johnboat in the near future, but my boating and cycling has come to something of a halt for a few months. Immersing myself in art seems like a good way to pass the time.