Monday, July 6, 2015

Boom! Done! One SUP Finished!

Aaaand... done!

I still plan to put quarter turn deck plates in at some point and maybe paint some pin striping, as well as fashion a quant pole for poling the shallows and a crate for the rear deck with PVC pipe fishing rod mounts, but for the moment, she's done should be ready for the lake this coming weekend. Finally!


Sketching shapes on the SUP paddle blank. I think I'm going to roll with the angry spear tip shape, even if it might not be as efficient. It just looks like more fun.

A little further along.


Nathan Fors said...

How does she float?

Trevor said...

Very well! Talk to your brother. I met him a couple weekends ago and he got to see mine in action. I just posted some pics to the newer post Stockton Lake Messabout 2015.