Saturday, September 21, 2013

Finished Canoe Paddle

I finally finished the laminated canoe paddle. It took six months or more. No real reason. Just got distracted. Painted it to match the Sea Pearl.

a laminated canoe paddle in progress

a laminated canoe paddle in progress

Finally finished the laminated canoe paddle.

canoe paddle - I was going to use this on the sailboat, but have decided to make it work as office decor.


callsign222 said...

Hey Trevor, I would like some beta on your Sea Pearl. First, if you are willing and able-- some pictures of the interior, sans equipment. I'm seriously thinking of ripping out my aftermarket ballast tanks, they are plywood and glassed, and the plywood in one tank is completely rotten and waterlogged. I want to visualize what it looks like without tanks. Scout would be returned to her original configuration. I'm thinking of adding fancy floorboards that would mimic the tanks and increase storage, with some rock ballast perhaps.

Second, how long are your oars and how do you find them? I'm rocking 9' now, too short. I tried 10' and a little too long, but they were clunky. I'm thinking 9'6", obviously...

I seriously think you should get your SP to Maine and we should coordinate and slay the coast together.

Trevor said...

I'm planning to take the boat out this coming Sunday for the day. I'll try and take some pics of the forward cockpit to post here for you. I imagine I have a lot more space to sleep than most SP21 owners.

As for oars, I'll measure them, too. I think they are nine feet. They seem just a hair too short. I think your idea for 9.5 is about right on.

I'd love to make it to Maine sometime. I've never been that far north, but it looks amazing in photos.