Monday, July 15, 2013

Obsessed Much?

This should be a good indicator of my obsession with boat crap. 95 percent of these have been read cover to cover, some many many times over.

if i can't mess about in a boat just yet, i can at least read about messing about in boats

Instant Boats

build the new instant boats

another payson/bolger boat building book

great book. has three different designs of proas and tacking outriggers. the wa'apa is gonna look a little odd on the lakes of sw missouri, but should be a blast to sail.

easy-peasy boats. i mean really easy, easier than the instant boats by bolger/payson.

might build one one day. i really like plain ol' working skiffs.

paper model - gloucester light dory

great book. really helped me understand traditional sails and how they work. gave me more confidence in changing up the sail plan on my current boat build.

good basic sailing instruction

great book. much thanks to john of wirral for the recommendation.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

swallowdale and a skeleton at the helm

Unlikely Voyage of Jack De Crow

Heart of Darkness and Other Tales

Sailing Craft

First Book of Ships

jimmy buffet's "jolly mon"

Melville Books

the sharpie book - reuel parker

the last navigator - steve thomas

the complete sailor - david seidman

Pocket Guide to Knots - Lindsey Philpott

More Building Classic Small Craft - John Gardner

The Authentic American Johnboat - Larry Dablemont

American Small Sailing Craft - Howard I. Chapelle

Richard Kolin's "Traditional Boatbuilding Made Easy"

John Gardner's "Classic Small Craft You Can Build"

How to Build a Tin Canoe by Robb White

"The Craft of Sail" by Jan Adkins

"On the Water" by Nat Stone

Dinghy Cruising Quarterly

A couple recent purchases - "Pete Culler On Wooden Boats", a collection of writing by Pete Culler and "The Arts of the Sailor" by Hervey Garrett Smith

Flotsam and Jetsam, by Robb White, author of How to Build a Tin Canoe

The next project

On Stranger Tides

Recent used bookstore finds. I'm about halfway through Captains Courageous

Fuselage Frame Boats by Jeff Horton

The Brendan Voyage by Tim Severin

Blown Away by Herb Payson

a book i picked up on mackinac island

"Canoeing in the Wilderness" Henry David Thoreau

Currently Reading: The Journals of Constant Waterman by Matthew Goldman

Just got this in the mail. Should come in handy with the project i started last night and learning to sew my own sails.

The Sailmaker's Apprentice





William Ely said...

WOW! You must be looking at my library. ;-) I have the same books. I love them all!

Bruce B said...

And I thought I was the only one to have read the Brendan Voyage. One of my favorites...

Trevor said...

It was a pretty amazing thing they did and wrote about. I need to read about Severin's other historical reenactment journeys.